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1.  Get familar with the locations of the meetings.  View our current TAM Live  locations  If there is not a TAM Live in your hometown below is a website that you can purchase inexpensive leads by area code . Watch Video below

Hello  FIRST NAME,  
Good news!  We are hosting a FREE Work at Home Event in your area.
  DATE:____________ Time:_________ Location: ________________
At this event you will learn how to make full-time income working from home

Our company has been in business since 1992 and we have helped thousands of people find their freedom from home.

For more details visit:   www.TAMLIVE.COM  
P.S.  In order to register for the free event you will need to enter my name under referred by: My name is: _________________________________.

NOTE FOR BC: If you have a meeting in your area we always recommend to attend so you can meet your prospects!  The more people that show up the better! Together we help everyone GROW!

You can end the text by saying...
Make sure you ask for me.  I'll be wearing a name badge. Can't wait to connect with you!

2.  Create an Event on Facebook   Read Info
How do I invite people to my event?   Read Info
How do you remove people from an event?   Read Info
Note:  You can watch videos on youtube.  Do a simple search:  "How to create an event on Facebook"

​3.  Print and Give FREE  Tickets For Our LIVE Events!  (write your name and Id# on each ticket and give as many as you like!)  Click on ticket.  Save to your computer and print!

4.  Post about the events on   Craiglist Under  "Community" and then "Events"

5.   Print flyers and post on high traffic area.  When you receive calls your job is to  just invite people to the event.  Keep the conversation short and sweet.  Give them a call a day before the meeting and remind them that you have a spot resevered for them.

6.  Post  event on .  Why?  Because Eventbrite has a lot of traffic and people go there to view local meetings.   Watch tutorial

7.  Post ad in your local newspaper.  Keep ad short and sweet with a number for them to contact you.  

8.  Post on all social media sites.   View Graphics

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